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Wherever you go, there you are

We're back in CO, arrived on Saturday evening. We had a few (mis) adventures getting here, including the worst flight ever (Frontier, we will never fly you again!), me dashing across the airport after checking Shane in to return the rental car, and in the midst of the dash receiving a call from Chad (Shane's brother) telling me that the one of our moving pods hadn't shown up on time for the movers (nice timing, Chad!), then unintentionally dumping Shane out of the wheelchair as we attempted to exit the people mover (nice work, Alicia!). I am amazed that we left for SFO at 9:30 AM and finally crossed the threshold of Shanes' parents home in Fort Collins at 6:30 PM. How does traveling 2 hours and 15 minutes take so darn long?

It was wonderful to see the littles. Somehow they grew taller and ganglier in just a a few short weeks. Shane's exhaustion prevented him from growing emotional over this long anticipated reunion but he was relieved and grateful to be back with his parents/our kids again.

We'll be staying with the Fishbeins until our new home is ready on the 12th. I'm grateful for such a soft, loving landing for all of us. And being in close quarters means there are many opportunities for tender moments between Shane and his parents.

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