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Story Time

It's been nearly forty years since Shane's dad, John, read aloud to him, but recently they renewed that long lost pastime.

Now that Shane spends much of his day in bed or on the couch, we are always looking for ways to help him pass the time. Last week, Shane requested that his dad read him The Infinite Atonement by Tad Callister. Experiencing this new level of physical and emotional discomfort has been a way of Shane connecting with His Savior, and the pain and suffering He experienced. My heart was touched as I watched John tenderly reading to Shane and then overhearing a snatch of their discussion.

I'm excited to join in on the read aloud extravaganza. One of my favorite books in difficult times is Man's Search For Meaning, written by Holocaust survivor, Viktor Frankl (read it free here). Secretly, I've always wanted to read a book with Shane, and enjoy that pleasure together, but I never pushed because I knew that wasn't his style. When I offered last week, he readily accepted. While the stories are tragic, we are being reminded that even in the most dire of circumstances no one can take away our ability to choose our behavior and attitude.

And for the long nights, we borrowed a slew of audiobooks. Shane is currently working his way through Just Mercy.

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