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Random Thoughts

Since Alicia is the main narrator of this journey, when I add something, it's just a few thoughts, often randomly selected. Many of you have commented on how good she is, and I fully agree.

Shane with his sisters, Kristi and Shannon.

The decision to come to Hungary: Yes, it's far but no question that in my mind, it'll give me the best chance of beating this. Dr. Kleef gave us no promises or guarantees. Of course we wish it were a 10-minute drive from our house!

We are also comfortable with how we came upon the decision. We and so many people have fasted and prayed so much asking for God's help. We have tried to keep the commandments and otherwise be good, Christ-like people. In addition, we studied it out in our minds and came to God with what we thought was the best choice. I felt inspired that we should go, while praying. Now it's in His hands and we know and are willing to let God prevail.

Alicia will describe our travels in more detail. Many people focus on the day of travel. Today is the day after and I can tell you it's almost as hard. Hopefully it won't last too much longer.

As treatment begins on Monday, I'll let you guys know how and what I'm doing. Again, people often think about one aspect of cancer, but it's usually the other stuff that adds up too. For example, all of the time in between treatment, when I'm anticipating I won't feel good or it may be hard to do anything. Sleep continues to be difficult and influences everything else. The difficulty of having a yucky taste in my mouth constantly and eating still being a chore. There are many small challenges of cancer that people don't know about.

Finally, I just want to thank Alicia. She does a tremendous amount of service for me. It's humbling to have such great parents and such a great wife. I'm a lucky man. Alicia is not doing doula work for the time being, but then again, she's my doula!

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