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How low can he go?

Well, lower apparently! Blood work is in from yesterday and Shane's AlkPhos and LDH have continued to drop. If you're wondering what the heck those values are just reference my last post. In summary, it's good, really good. Those numbers tell us that he is healing and the cancer is being pushed back.

At the moment he is at the park having his morning constitutional and he told me about his plans for this workout---sprints, dribbling the soccer ball, and jogging. Yesterday it was rowing machine, stair climber, stretching and Sports Lab (his favorite way of working out that combines plyometrics and balance) at the gym.

A dear friend put together a guys trip in Idaho next month and Shane is seriously considering joining in---fly fishing, golfing, mountain biking, and I'm guessing plenty of sports viewing. He's not sure how much he could do, but I love the fact that he wants to be there and he's setting it as a milestone of sorts---flying alone, hanging with friends, outdoor activities. Dear reader, the last time he flew he was in a wheelchair with me carrying our bags and handling everything. To think of him flying on his own just seems ludicrous. And absolutely marvelous.

We are grateful to our Father in Heaven every single day for Shane's renewed strength and energy, and to you for the prayers, fasting, and love that you've poured out. We sure love you.

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