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Shane and I want to make sure and update you weekly. Crazy thing is, there's not much to say. Shane is doing beautifully, he is truly thriving. He's still skinny, he still has less energy than usual, but listen to all that he did last week

  • grocery shopped (twice)

  • picked the kids up from school

  • drove

  • cleaned the kitchen multiple times

  • tidied the garage

  • errands

  • daily laps around the field dribbling the soccer ball

  • a pool workout

  • ate apple pie (total total cheat, remember that cancer feeds on sugar? I never let Shane forget it!)

Shane is on the phone with a friend right now telling him that the cancer is probably scared of his nasty THC concoction and its running away from it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the prayers and fasting on our behalf. We love you.

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